School Vision & Values

Every child to be an inquisitive, resilient and successful learner who is eager for their next challenge.
Being clear of our values and principles is crucial because it shows the overall purpose of our school and the importance of us all working together to achieve this.


  1. We put the children at the heart of absolutely everything we do.
  2. We provide exciting, experiential, memorable learning with a strong focus on oracy, which is inspired by our passionate and innovative team.
  3. We nurture and celebrate the whole child as an individual.
  4. We provide a warm, welcoming, safe environment for all.
  5. We have very high expectations of behaviour.
  6. We support the professional development of all our staff who work in a strong team and who support, value and respect each other.
  7. We value our strong and supportive school community.
  8. We truly believe that success is achievable for all.


At Telford Infant School we believe that every child should enjoy their learning journey and develop a love for learning that will last a life time. Through nurture and guidance, we ensure that all children begin their school life curious and engaged in the world around them and leave us as confident and resilient learners.

Learning comes first at Telford Infant School. Our rich curriculum, driven by oracy and experiential learning, creates memorable experiences which allow children to deepen their skills. Our learning culture enables children to understand how they learn and develops their resilience. Learning takes place indoors and outside. All staff have high expectations for every child to be successful and constantly reflect on their own professional development to achieve this.

Telford Infants is a community, where everyone’s views and background are respected and where the children are at the heart of everything we do. We celebrate and foster the uniqueness of every single child and watch them flourish in a safe, happy environment where curiosity is encouraged and mistakes help us learn. Links with the school community are strong and supportive. Behaviour in and around school is exemplary and children are caring towards each other and their community.

You walk into our school and can see, hear and feel everyone LOVING LEARNING!