One World Link

U.M.C. Heine Memorial School,
Sierra Leone (Partner School)

Telford Infant School is very proud to be part of an organisation called One World Link (OWL) which celebrates the friendship that Warwick District has with Bo District in Sierra Leone.   As part of this, many schools in the Leamington and Warwick area have established links with schools in Bo.

Over the past few years, we have developed a strong link with Heine Memorial U.M.C. School through sending and receiving letters and children’s work. The Headteacher of Heine Memorial is Agnes Abu.

Once a year, in June, we meet with other schools in Leamington to celebrate the Day of the African Child, which is also celebrated in Sierra Leone. This is a chance to celebrate our friendships with the schools we are linked with, and often, during this celebration, we host teachers from Bo who have come to visit our schools.

It’s a great day; the children take part in lots of activities including African dancing, drumming and listening to African stories. At the end of the day the children take part in a final assembly where local dignitaries are invited.

We hope that over the next few years this link will go from strength to strength as it is great to be able to share our different cultures and traditions with each other.

Our friends at Heine Memorial School sent us some of their recent learning.
They also sent photographs of the football kits we helped them to buy.
We hope you enjoy sharing the photographs of their work and of the football kits.

Day of the African Child
Friday 7th June 2024
This year 'The Day of the African Child' was held at St Paul's School.  Telford Infant School took part in some virtual activities which were dancing with Aida Diop and some story telling with Jason Buck.