School Meals

Our wonderful kitchen team, from Educaterers, prepare delicious and nutritious school lunches on site every school day. High quality ingredients are used and the Food Standards Agency have awarded us with a Food Hygiene rating of 5, the highest level available. Throughout the year we also enjoy special themed lunches, for example Bonfire Night, Children in Need World Book Day, a Gruffalo themed lunch.

Lunches are free for all infant children under the Universal Free School Meals Scheme (UFSM). The following link provides further information about UFSM:

Children can choose from two main course options from the Red/Green menu choices at the start of each day.  Sandwiches and jacket potatoes are included on the menus however they are not an option at our school.

Children are provided with fresh water to drink with their lunch rather than sqaush and milkshakes as outlined on the menus below.

Educaterers cater for children with allergies and those who follow vegetarian or vegan diets. Please contact the school office should you require further details.
A copy of the lunch menu and photos of main courses available each day can be found on the following link:

Alternatively parents may wish to provide their child with packed lunch. If parents wish their child to change from school meals to packed lunches, or vice versa, they should speak to Miss Lawton in the school office who will ask them to complete a short form. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate changes less than a week in duration and we ask that children remain on either school meals or on packed lunches for a full school week (Monday to Friday) at a time.
You can view information further information about Educaterers through the following link...