Music Lessons

Warwickshire Music Hub - Upbeat
Warwickshire Music Hub works in partnership with ourselves to support our music curriculum by delivering music lessons to Year 2 children.
Year 2 - Djembe Drumming

Year 2 children enjoy learning djembe drumming. These lessons are paid for by the school and are taught by a qualified music teacher, Mrs Clare Honey, during school time on Fridays.

Each Year 2 class has a weekly lesson for a term and their parents/carers are invited to join us for a Djembe Drumming Concert at the end of their term to showcase what the children have learned.


Small Group Violin Lessons

Small group violin lessons are also available to both Year 1 & 2 pupils through Warwickshire Music Hub.   These lessons are delivered by a qualified music teacher during school time on Thursday afternoons.   Pupils must sign up for one year and lessons are payable termly.